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Family is one of the most important things to me in life. I love photographing weddings because I think that’s where a family’s story begins. But what about after the big day? What about the years to come? This is where it gets fun! No matter what your family looks like, whether it’s just you two love birds or you’ve had a baby (or fur-baby) join the gang, I want to capture all the special moments for years to come. These moments can slip through your fingers so quickly, so let me help you capture all the happiness!

First I would love to sit down with you in person so I can get to know the inner workings of your family, from how many family members, to how old they are, to what your youngest’s favorite color is. As I get to know your family’s personality, I’ll be able to determine a location for the shoot. You might want a classic Colorado backdrop of snow-capped mountains, or perhaps your family wants to play in a lake in the springtime. Whatever the tone of the shoot, we’ll make sure that it fits every aspect of your family.

The best memories are made during these sessions…getting to wear your favorite sweater or bring along your lacrosse stick because you won the championship that year. Every family is unique and I want to capture you all as a whole and individually. Photos like these are everlasting as parents watch their children grow and mature. Not to mention how fun it is for the kids to look back on years later.

Family photos hanging up on living room walls, fireplace mantels and spread throughout the home are iconic to me. That’s why I aim to capture that image of your beautiful family that you want to proudly display on the wall, while also capturing that image of your family being goofy and purely themselves to hang on the fridge. We all have a family, big or small, blood or chosen… and it’s worth remembering those years with those people you cherish.

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