Why I Do What I Love

Throughout owning my photography business I’ve had many people tell me, “I don’t know how you deal with the stress,” or “I could never do that job,” or “don’t you have to deal with bridezillas?” These questions usually make me chuckle a bit and leave me with a feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for knowing exactly why I do this job and why I will never quit, because what I do matters.

I grew up in a family that has multiple lifelong love stories. I am a hopeless romantic who believes that true love exists and can last a lifetime. I feel this way because I’ve seen it, time and time again; and not just in my favorite romantic comedies, but in real life. The reason I fell in love with the wedding industry and am so grateful for the career I have chosen is because I get to witness “the look” first hand with all my clients and freeze that moment in time.

What is “the look”? It’s that moment when one of you is just being genuinely you, unaware that your partner is staring at you with a little half smile peeking through, eyes glimmering, totally captivated by you. That look says that they are so unapologetically in love with every nuance about you. I know some people call it the “Disney prince look,” but I have seen both sides of the couple give this look. I saw it growing up when my Grandpa would look over his Gin Rummy hand at my Grandma; waiting for her to knock with one. I witnessed our closest family friend chuckle about favorite memories as he was in the hospital bed, holding onto his wife’s hand as she couldn’t look away from him. I see my sister look at her hubby while he wanders the craft beer aisle taking 20 minutes to decide which 6- pack to bring to dinner. That look doesn’t have words to describe it. It’s a feeling. It’s what connects a couple. Which, I think, is the whole point.

When I have the joy of witnessing two people so deep in love there are no words. It’s my favorite part of the wedding day, engagement session or anniversary session to capture that look. Every time you see your images you will feel that love, now and in the decades to come – that pure, authentic, unapologetic love between one another. And as long as people keep falling head over heels for each other I will still be there to capture it. To freeze those precious moments of your story and life together so that generations to come can see how you were together at that moment in your life.

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